Agile Project Manager Self Service Portal (INGEVULD)

Our B2B client is transforming itself into a more modern and digital version of itself. Part of the programme is the launch of a new digital Portal which is nearly completed, and the Portal and app are now ready to be rolled out.

The Agile Project Manager Self Service Portal takes on the task to bring customers onto the Self Service Portal in the shortest possible timeframe while ensuring customer service levels are maintained. Success will be measured not only by how many customers have migrated and how fast, but especially by how well customers have conversed towards using the Portal and how satisfied they are about their experience on the Portal. As usage of the Self Service Portal grows demands on the call centers needs to drop.

The Agile Projectmanager Self Service Portal will get employees excited about the Self Service Portal and its features. He/she will provide (customer facing) employees with templates, best practices and training to encourage and help the customers adopt the Portal.

The Project Manager Self Service Portal will work data-driven and with cross-functional teams to reach the goal of onboarding the customer base. He/she will be closely involved in setting priorities for the development of new features and capabilities of the Portal. The continuous improvement activities will run in parallel to the onboarding phase. Ultimately this activity becomes part of the daily business operations in the online team.

Must haves – aantoonbare ervaring met:

  • Zelfservice klantomgevingen / ‘Mijnomgeving’
  • Foutloos overzetten / migratie van grote hoeveelheden B2B klant data
  • Klantactivatie, klantadaptatie en uitbreiding van functionaliteiten
  • Agile

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